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YouTube Advertising, where have you been all my life?

With YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine (only second to Google, who owns it of course) it amazes me that more businesses are not utilizing YouTube as an advertising platform. The numbers are incredible and if a business can adopt “big brand mentality” then it’s just a no brainer.

Big Brand Mentality

It’s not about being there only when they need you,
it’s about being there all the time. While it’s
great to be ranked #1 on Google, what is the point
in being there if your target audience has never
heard of you? The intention to oversaturate your very
specific audience with your brand so when they need
your product or service your business becomes the
obvious choice.

YouTube is an amazing place to build your brand and get it in front of a lot of the right people for not a lot of cash. The good guys at Who Is Hosting This created a really great infographic to help folks understand how it all works.

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YouTube Advertising Infographic

Shaina Churchfield
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