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A popup with a quick video explaining what your company is all about is a quick, effective way to get potential leads who land on your page to get to know your company… without any work on their end.

A few of jarring facts about your website viewers:

People normally stay on your site for six seconds or less , which is just a bit longer than the average blink. (Anagard)


Web users viewing video stay two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to buy something. (Comscore)

Most people have to really be interested to scroll through your site and read information about your company or product, but a video popup does the job for them. Making sure that the most important information to your client is expressed in the first five seconds of your video is paramount to keeping them from clicking out and moving on. This generally comes in the form of a strong testimonial statement, an awesome product spot, or a stat that relates specifically to your target audience.

Think about video for your website. But know that the longer you think about it, the more people are blinking while on your website. 😉

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*A big thanks to Will Curren of Endless Entertainment and Greg Patrick of American Green for their awesome testimonials.

Shaina Churchfield
Shaina Churchfield founded WAKE brand media, a video production company focusing primarily on video content for web-based marketing strategies.

Shaina has fifteen years of video production experience and a background in branding and digital marketing. She is passionate about connecting people, educating businesses, and genuine belly laughter.