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I just finished watching Chipotle’s video “The Scarecrow” sheerly out of pure curiosity. Not only am I a fan of the food (Steak Burrito Bowl with fajita veggies? Yes please.), but I always lift my chin a little higher when I’m partaking because they have done such an amazing job in sending the message to the world that their food is responsibly raised. No questions asked. I feel good about the fact that the beef I am devouring is not hormone infested, pseudo meat. Chipotle has taken their morals, values and integrity and built a brand surrounding it.

Now this isn’t a commercial or plug for Chipotle. (Although if they want to throw a few meals my way I wouldn’t deny them). I am simply reporting that while I was a fan of their exceptional branding, “The Scarecrow” brought a new emotion to the mix, yanking mercilessly on my heart strings when they show an adorably animated cow begging with big, sad eyes to be freed of his prison of entrapment and endless milking. The animation is fairly long and drives a point home about what is happening in the food industry, but holds your attention effortlessly. Chipotle has taken it a step further by developing an app to correspond with the video in which you, as the Scarecrow, work hard to make a difference in your community.

“The film ends with what happens next, right? And you can play the game and not push it all the way and things will stay the way they are, but if you really try to follow and explore the universe, not only explore but change it… Then you’re a part of the answer,”

– Limbert Fabian, Director at Moonbot Studios (creators of “The Scarecrow” video and app)


I high five Chipotle today and say thank you for taking your hugely recognized brand and not only creating an experience for those your marketing reaches, but for educating and invoking a desire to make change.



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Shaina Churchfield
Shaina Churchfield founded WAKE brand media, a video production company focusing primarily on video content for web-based marketing strategies.

Shaina has fifteen years of video production experience and a background in branding and digital marketing. She is passionate about connecting people, educating businesses, and genuine belly laughter.