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Pick your perfect client

Think of a very specific area that would be the perfect place to market your product or services. Some people will say “Phoenix” but what I mean is more like, “the houses right behind the Biltmore between Camelback and Lincoln.”

Now take the people in that specific area and think of all of the things that make your ideal client who they are. Are they male? Female? Do they have a newborn baby? Do they enjoy vacationing? Are they looking for a new car? Maybe they’re an avid birdwatcher or dabble heavily in clock making.
With YouTube advertising you can target so specifically that the exact person you want to see your ad will see it consistently when they view any video through a YouTube player.

See for yourself.

Here’s some homework for you: Go to YouTube and click on any of the videos on the home page. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

In most cases, the first thing that is going to pop up is an ad with a counter at the right side letting you know that you have to watch that particular advertisement until the counter hits zero before clicking through to your content.

Annoying? Yes.

Highly effective marketing strategy? Absolutely.

You may not know this but you have been targeted specifically to view the ad that you saw. Now there are certainly instances where there is a big marketing push for a new movie coming out or a new model car and you may feel it was irrelevant to you, but I can certainly guess that the ad for Furious 7 on DVD did not pop up when my grandma searched for a knitting video. Sometimes the net the big companies cast is as vast as age and location (Warner Bros. and Lowes can certainly afford that scope), but this is not the way to use it for ridiculously effective local business brand awareness.

Here are some ways you can specifically target your audience:

  • You are able to chose location with a radius as small as 1 mile from a point of interest or even an intersection
  • Since Google owns everything (including YouTube), it can track interests as expressed through a person’s Google search history and Gmail, then filter them to be included in your campaign targeting. If you can think like your audience and know what they search for and view on the web, then targeting them with “interests” is easy.


A little big brother-ish?
Ya… I know. But hey, it’s effective (and not even slightly terrifying).

So does this mean more conversions?

The intention of YouTube advertising is to oversaturate your very specific audience with your brand so you are able to become the obvious choice when a decision is being made about purchasing that particular product or service.

My buddy Mike Arce at Loud Rumor had a great analogy at an Adwords workshop about this.

The time has come to propose to the love of your life. You have three stores to chose from to pick out the most beautiful engagement ring you can afford, but you have never been to any of the three stores.

  1. Sammy’s Jewelers
  2. Jewelry Magnificent
  3. Jared’s

Who do you chose?

The masses will say Jared and when you ask them why it is because they are familiar with them. They’ve heard them on the radio, on tv, and now think that “It can only be Jaaarreeeeeeeed!!!”

Imagine being able to be that familiar brand to a person who fits your target demographic. That is why for local businesses, YouTube advertising is key.

I don’t have a ga-zillion dollars for this awesomeness.
I’m not Nike.

The most incredible part about YouTube advertising is that it is so unbelievably affordable. I couldn’t believe how little a very successful campaign could run on. Let me break this down for you:

Clients only pay for “True Views” which include:

  • A viewer watching :30 seconds or more of your ad
  • A viewer watching the video in it’s entirety (if shorter than :30 seconds)
  • A viewer clicking through the video to the landing page or website associated with the ad.

On average, a True View will cost about .11 cents each. Yes, that was typed correctly. E-LE-VEN cents. So if 700 people, HEAVILY TARGETED PEOPLE, watched thirty seconds of your ad, the ad in it’s entirety (if it is under thirty seconds, but we wouldn’t do that because that would be silly), or clicks through to your landing page this month, you only paid $77.

But wait! There’s more!

Keep in mind that the consumer has to watch, at minimum, 5 seconds of the video before they can click through. If you make sure that your logo pops up in those five seconds, every single person who had to wait for your 5 seconds of ad to play before they could watch dancing goats in onesies now have heard of your brand. The best part? Let’s say that 10% of the time people saw your ad, they watched :30 seconds of it or clicked through to your landing page. You would then have had 6,300 additional impressions this month that YOU DID NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR.


(in our happy little example here)

mic drop

Not everybody knows about YouTube advertising or how it works so my word of advice is to hop on this bandwagon as quickly as you can. Price increases are never predictable but always happen with higher demand.

We offer video production packages for YouTube advertising as individual or multiple videos for different target audiences or testing. We also offer YouTube advertising management where we are able to track and analyze the data and make adjustments consistently based on what is and is not working in your campaign. If you don’t come to us (which, let’s be honest, would be a huge bummer) make sure you utilize somebody who really understands how to create video specific to YouTube advertising and how to manage it in the most effective way possible. It can be so powerful if done right and I’d love to see everybody get some really great clients out of such an amazing tool.

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