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“All the time, my clients come back and say, ‘I love that video! I chose you because of that video!’ It was just overwhelming how much positive feedback we got.”

That pretty powerful truth bomb came from Will Curran, Founder of Endless Entertainment, my client-turned-friend (as many become) – and he’s not the only one who feels that way!

play elephant

Let’s address the elephant in the room…

We all know that video is a huge component of marketing in today’s digital-centric world, but few know how to use video marketing to its fullest potential or even where to start. I find that one intimidating factor leading the charge on keeping businesses away from even looking into this amazing content tool is the misconception that video is extremely expensive.

This is a concern that should long be expired since the appearance of DSLRs and less expensive access to quality editing software. Gone are the days when a massive production house with a five-figure bill attached is the only option for video production, especially for digital marketing. A high quality video shoot does not often require a crew and truckloads of equipment. Now, while there is something to be said for RED cameras, an abundance of lighting, sound engineers, and a full production staff, this way of thinking is no longer the only way video with a gorgeous and effective turnout can happen.

This WAKE brand media promo is a great example of what can be created in the new world of accessible video marketing. It was created from a compilation of video clips accumulated at many of our clients shoots, generally using a one-person crew.

High-quality video is now available at a price point that actually makes sense

So spend that extra cheddar on shoes, pizza, the new iPhone, the Dollar Spot at Target… whatever your game is. Or if you’re even more savvy than the average bear, put that extra cash into YouTube advertising to get that video in front of a heavily targeted audience! Read more on that HERE.


Need more convincing? Here are some fun statistics for you.

One minute of video equals 1.8 million words.

What’s the most common answer when you ask someone how they’re doing these days?


You may also hear swamped, assiduous, or on that hustle. Our world moves fast, and everyone is always trying to find ways to pack more stuff into less time. When attention spans are running shorter and shorter, it’s crucial that you’re able to pack as much information as possible into the small moments that most people have to devote to your pitch. Consider how long it takes someone to read an email or any other piece of marketing material. Consider how bored you already are with reading this blog (go on… I’ll pause for your protest…). With one minute of video versus one minute of your potential client reading text, you can get so much more information across. In this instance alone, video marketing is a no-brainer.

Intro emails with video receive a 96% increase in click-through rate.

If you are doing any sort of email marketing, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice if you’re not taking advantage of this fact. You can track your own ROI (return on investment) by creating a separate landing page for the videos in your email – using a thumbnail image that looks like this:

thumbnail video

Then linking it to the landing page with the video on it. This can show you what actually got your recipient to click through, whether it’s the video or the imagery (spoiler alert: it was probably the video). You will be able to see this increase for yourself! So come on and join the cool kids table.

Video gets 1200% more shares than text and links combined

Yeah, you read that right – 1200%. People know video is important, but they have no idea just HOW important. This stat speaks for itself. I mean, I don’t even have a joke to put here… Because this stat is no joke. (See what I did there?).

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy online

There’s a psychology to marketing. If someone sees a video, they immediately feel like they are more familiar with either the person offering the service or the product itself. Remember how earlier you read that one minute equals 1.8 million words? If a person feels like they’re familiar with all of that extra information or they understand what’s being offered better, they’re much more likely to make a snap decision to buy. Getting to stare at your pretty face and hear the smooth silk of your voice doesn’t hurt, either.

Now that I’ve dropped some sweet, sweet video marketing knowledge on you, go out and share the love with your friends. I won’t even tell them where you learned all this digital marketing gold – promise. And if you like what you see around here, feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, connect on LinkedIn, check out WAKE brand media on YouTube… you get the idea. We just want to be friends (do this every weekend).

Shaina Churchfield
Shaina Churchfield founded WAKE brand media, a video production company focusing primarily on video content for web-based marketing strategies.

Shaina has fifteen years of video production experience and a background in branding and digital marketing. She is passionate about connecting people, educating businesses, and genuine belly laughter.